How We Work With Content Creators

What Makes Us Different From Other Platforms?

-YAY FOR LIFETIME ROYALTIES! Not only will you make money from the initial sale of your content, but you will continue to collect 10% royalties on every single future resale of your content for life, even after you retire! You keep ALL the royalties for yourself! No more getting a one-time rate and making other people rich off of your work by releasing it over and over again on numerous DVDs, sites, compilations, rights being sold to distributors, etc. It’s time to disrupt the way adult artists get paid. We believe you should be compensated fairly for your work and would like to help you create a consistent income stream, not just through selling content, but by building its value and reselling it repeatedly.

-All content released on Hot Drops is limited-edition and only available on our site.

-When our v2 marketplace launches in a few weeks, your fans will have the potential to make money from owning adult content for the first time by selling that content to other fans to complete competitions. You get the benefits of royalties from each of these sales.

-We are shifting the paradigm of fans taking content for free from tube sites and rewarding them for purchasing adult content through VIP tiers, unlocking bonus content, access to exclusive events, etc.

-We are a curated, invite-only platform, which only works with established adult content creators and models. Hot Drops was created specifically for adult content, to give adult creators equitable access to blockchain technologies. As long as we are in existence, we will always support adult content.

-Since all creators go through a manual verification process, you can authenticate your work and have it stored on the blockchain, so it can’t be uploaded or sold by others pretending to be you!

-Our unique “digital wrappers” around our content make it much more difficult to pirate.

-Only paying customers will have access to the full-length and high-quality content you release on our platform. The content will be protected by blockchain smart contract technology, drastically minimizing the probability of it ending up on tube sites.

-You set your prices and decide how rare and collectible your content and experience releases are.

-Potential to make exponentially more profits from content you are already creating. The more unique the content or experience, the more you can sell the NFT for.

-Very little time investment on your end. Take a few extra pictures or a quick video the next time you are already creating content.

-We provide in-house services such as: digital animation of your content, social media content creation, interview exposure, know your customer verification, and secure payment processing for debit cards, credits cards and cryptocurrency solutions will be added in the near future.

-Our company is run by adult industry insiders, who understand your pain points and want to help alleviate them. We want to empower you to be as successful as possible, so everyone wins. Hot Drops is a platform by content creators with content creators and fans in mind.

Please email us at [email protected], if you are an established adult content creator and you’d like more information.