The Hot Drops Mission

We are disrupting how the adult industry is compensated and empowering adult content creators to have a stable NFT marketplace designed specifically for them. 

We are doing this by creating the world’s best adult-only NFT marketplace platform. It will feature top adult industry creators by invitation and approval only. Hot Drops will be a place where adult artists can finally leverage their content for maximum value, enabling them to make exponentially more money by releasing their content as NFTs, versus shooting for studios that make all the profits or on membership and cam sites which are extremely time-consuming. We believe adult content creators should be compensated fairly for their work and would like to help them create a consistent income stream, not just through selling content, but by building its value and reselling it repeatedly. 

What This Means For Fans And Customers

Hot Drops is going to be the premier adult-only NFT platform with some of the best and most popular stars from day one.  If you want to finally own exclusive, verified, and collectible NFT content from stars like Alex Coal, Alison Tyler, Cherie Deville, Dani Daniels, Elsa Jean, Eva Lovia, Joanna Angel, Kenna James, and so many more, you’re in the right place!

We will be releasing limited edition series of the content from your favorite adult creators. These sales will only be open for a limited amount of time. Once the sale of any piece of content is over, that’s it — there will never be another version of that clip ever sold again. That content will only be viewable by the people who bought one of the limited edition pieces in the series — it won’t be available on other platforms or free porn sites.

Once you own a limited edition NFT from the sales drop, here’s the cool part…

You can finally make money owning porn!      (Yes, you read that right.)

Once we launch our marketplace, you will be able to buy and sell these collectable cards and video clips to other fans. We will be creating content collections and competitions around these collections. If you own all of the pieces of each collection, Hot Drops will issue you a once-in-a-lifetime bonus surprise that cannot be purchased on the Hot Drops platform. If someone is missing a piece of content to complete their collection to earn the bonus NFT, they can purchase it from other customers on the secondary marketplace. This ecosystem will create scarcity and collectibility. All of the collection competitions, special access to VIP events, giveaways, and exclusive experiences with our content creators, will build even more incentive for people to buy and sell the collectibles on Hot Drops. If you’re wondering if this will catch on — the mainstream NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace has done more than $550 million in sales in the first half of 2021 alone! Hot Drops will be bringing a similar model of an NFT marketplace to the adult world.

What This Means For Content Creators

Some of the biggest problems for adult content creators in finding a platform that is the best fit for them are:

  1. It helps you generate significant revenue.
  2. It will stay adult-friendly forever, so you don’t have to bounce around learning and marketing new platforms to your fan base and requiring your fans to create new accounts at and learn as well.
  3. It doesn’t require massive amounts of your time to manage.
  4. It isn’t necessary to give over large portions of your revenue in profit splits, commissions, fees, hiring management agencies, etc.

That’s where Hot Drops comes in.

Unlike a platform such as Onlyfans, which recently started restricting adult content, and then postponed this move from social backlash, we are founded on being an adult-only NFT platform specifically designed for adult creators. We are adult-friendly, now until as long as we are in existence. That means that the NFTs that you create and sell on our platform this month will be able to be bought and sold on our marketplace forever. You will continue to make royalties on each and every one of those transactions.

Wait.. ROYALTIES?!?  We saved the best for last. One of the downsides to the adult industry is shooting scenes for production companies and getting paid a one-time fee, while the company owns that content forever then resells it over and over again in different forms, keeping all the profits for themselves. The music and mainstream movie industries provide royalties to their artists.. why not the adult industry?!? At Hot Drops, we believe that content creators are entitled to earn royalties for life on their work, even after they decide to retire.

Every smart contract for every single NFT that you create and sell on the Hot Drops platform will contain a 10% royalty clause permanently coded into it. When fans resell your collectable cards and video clips in the future on our marketplace, you will receive 10% of the sales price of every single transaction.

So if you are an established and professional adult content creator and you want to join Hot Drops in disrupting the adult industry, making it a better place for content creators and fans alike, please send us an email at [email protected].